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Web Design Tricks For High Converting Websites

A High Converting Web Design is the key to the success of any small business. You may have a great marketing team, excellent on and off page search engine optimisation and a beautiful product, but if your web design is poor, it will not lead to conversions and users will leave.

One of the reasons for the success of our web design services is our consistent approach to high user conversion. Our aim is to design the kinds of small business websites that users like to visit and that convert well.

More importantly, we work to create the kind of websites that move users to take action.

The goal of any small business website should be to produce a design that is:

  • High Converting
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Interruption Free
  • Clearly Branded
  • Focused on the Selling Point

While creativity is laudable, if your design does not convert to sales, then it is in need of review and possibly re-design. Work through the list of web design strategies below. Use these design points as a tool to audit your small business web design.

They will not only improve your conversions but are also likely to improve or boost your search engine ranking in Google.


1. Have a Clear Value Proposition

Your unique selling point or value proposition is what sets your product or service apart from other small business.

Competition in small business online is tough, and you need to be able to articulate exactly what it is that your product or service can achieve for clients and customers.

That value proposition needs to be positioned in a central of within your overall web design. I see many web designers positioning their unique selling proposition in hard to find places.

If your prospective client or customer can’t see what it is that sets you apart from the competition they are not likely to stay on the site for very long and your conversions will quickly drop.

Take FedEx as one example. Their slogan, when it absolutely, positively, have to be there overnight is a classic example of unique selling point.

2. Simplify your Navigation

A high converting web design should be aimed at walking your site visitors through to an action you want them to take. That direction may be a telephone call or completing a contact form. It may be sharing your content with other users through social media.

Our research also shows that customers can literally bypass the navigation almost altogether if the web design implements a chat button – something that we found can lift signups by over 30%.

Your site navigation should reflect your intentions. Your web design should make it easy for people to navigate the site in the least amount of clicks possible in order to gain the highest number of conversions.


3. Use a Predictable Layout

While there may be some prizes for creative web designers among web designers, in the main, you need to provide a predictable layout for your small business website to convert at a reasonable rate.

One way you can ensure this predictable and simple out is to look at other businesses in your niche.